Laptop shuts down while using TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4

Every single time im in the middle of converting a mpeg video when it gets to around 66% it turns off like if someone were to remove the battery it dont say “shutting down” or nothing it just turns off in less than half a second, Im getting really ******* frustrated. This problem has occured with the previous version also. Thats the reason i upgraded. I recently used some back up cds to restore my computer like new but the problem still occurs. Can someone please give me some feedback on what I should do. Or atleast direct me to a different program to author dvds.

Sounds like your laptop is overheating and the automatic protection kicks in.

thnxs for the fast reply.
I just converted a family guy episode, But that took less than ten minutes and everything went fine. Ive converted LONG videos before with no problem, So you think its overheating?
I also have WinAvi and ulead videostudio 11 those all work fine, could it still be my fan?

What is the make and model?

Video encoding is intensive use of your main processor. I don’t know for certain that is the problem, but overheating is the most obvious possibility.

Hp dv6000
Intel core duo 2cpu
1.66 ghz, 1.99 G Ram

It could either be your ram or dirty cpu fan, use some compressed air to blow out your fans and reseat your ram.

Yeah I just converted the video i wanted to convert by putting the laptop right by my open window and it worked! So that confirms its the fan right?
I have an air compressor how do I go on to clean the fan??

You could also try raising it off your desk or get one of these:

Thnxs for the help fellas much appreciated.