Laptop screen blank

Hi guys
A friend of mine installed xp on his laptop and after running it a few times the screen has decided to go blank after showing the compaq screen at boot up. Is there any way to get the screen to reset? He said it happened before and the screen had to be reset to get it to work again does anyone know how this is done?


Maybe he set resolution or refresh rate in windows too high? See if he can go into Safe Mode… I forgot the key to get he menu… F6 or F8, or something…

tried all of that, you can’t even see the screen when you boot from a floppy.

if your screen is ever just blank after windows has started, i found that if you do ctrl alt delete it of course will bring up the task manager and in the task manager hit the file tab then it will show help with task manager or new task, click on new task and then type in start menu and then ok it should bring up your start menu and you should be able to fix it from there.

[QUOTE=slayerking;457200]tried all of that, you can’t even see the screen when you boot from a floppy.[/QUOTE]

Perhaps he configured the setup that it will try to connect to the external VGA view first? You could try and hook up a monitor to that connection to see if that works.

Other method may be pressing FN-F4 (or F5, don’t remember that well) to switch the video feed from internal - external - both display.

This post is 6 years old. The OP’s friend has probably bought 3 or 4 computers since then.