Laptop says that all of my SD cards are write-protected, help!

Hi guys and gals, I have a problem with my laptop.

It has started insisting that every single on of my SD cards is write protected… so I can’t add or delete any files on any of them. IT IS NOT AN SD PROBLEM AS IT HAPPENS WITH ALL OF THEM AND THE SD CARDS THEMSELVES WORK FINE ON OTHER MACHINES. Nothing to do with the SDs or the lock tab, I’m familiar with all that.

I Googled and some forum said something about a registry key or something so I think it might be something t do with the system, but I don’t know, I didn’t really understand it - I’ll need guiding instructions if that’s the problem. :s

I’m using XP Pro. Please help this desperate soul.

Maybe you could uninstall the SD (adaptors) via devicemanager, restart and re-install them to prove the functionality afterwards.

Worth a try I think.

Is there some SD card affecting tool(s) installed?

Thanks. Uh… I tried and then just reinserted the SD card and it can still read it… and can’t write. But now it isn’t showing up in Device Manager!

No tools or anything added.


please try with a Linux Live disc like Puppy, Knoppix or Ubuntu in order to rule out Windows related issues. If the same problem is present there also, then the card reader is faulty.

I had the same problem once. It turned out to be a faulty card reader (there is a tiny spring inside that is responsible for the write protect detection). Since my laptop was covered by warranty, I got a new motherboard (the card reader was soldered onto the mobo on that Dell).


How long has this been happening?

Have you tried a System Restore to before this started?

Not really worth booting Linux just to transfer some data.

Not sure how long as I’ve not used it for a while which makes System Restore not an option sadly. :frowning:

[QUOTE=SG;2501470]Not really worth booting Linux just to transfer some data.[/QUOTE]This would rule out hardware related issues. Nothing else was intended.


Ah yes didn’t read properly. Any easy pendrive Linuxes out there?

[QUOTE=SG;2501620]Any easy pendrive Linuxes out there?[/QUOTE]Puppy worked for me, Ubuntu also supports “installation” on a pendrive with a built-in utility.