Laptop repair?

My wife recently spilled some water on her out-of-warranty laptop & it took out the motherboard completely. It is a basic laptop that only cost about $900 at the time, but I saw some websites that claimed they could fix these types of repairs so I tried one. Unfortunately, they said they couldn’t repair it. They offered me $165 for the laptop or send it back. Being somewhat handy, I opted to have it sent back to maybe replace the motherboard myself. Since then, I was able to find a motherboard for it on ebay and repair it. It has been running great for the last few months now with no problems. After some pondering, I was starting to wonder if these laptop repair places are legit & for real or do they basically try to tell everyone it is “unrepairable.” Then hope the customer gets frustrated & will just accept their low offer for it. Hence, repairing it themselves anyway and turning around to sell it for a tidy profit. Does this sound like something that is going on? Just curious.

More than likely unfortunately

On one hand, repair places get very high amounts of machines to repair, and they can’t spend on each of them the time a tech-savvy owner is likely to be willing to spare. On the other, I can just see how they could be making lots of profits out of the resale of repaired computers whose previous owners have been tricked in such a way.

Hey, come to think of it… anybody wants their laptop repaired? :smiley:


It’s possible that they’re scamming you and others.

Of course it’s EQUALLY possible that they weren’t willing (or didn’t have the time) to scrounge eBay for a potentially dodgy used motherboard. Remember that YOU lucked out on eBay! Many used motherboards, especially for laptops, are of questionable quality.