Laptop problem



OK, I currently have my DELL Inspiron 1100 laptop wirelessly networked at home to my NETGEAR router via a D-Link 54MB card. Everything seems to be fine & it has 640MB of RAM. But for some reason, it is overall INCREDIBLY slow at home. Not just the internet, but trying to run normal applications as well. But when I take it to school and hook into their network directly via an ethernet cable, it runs a lot better and quicker. I’m thinking it has something to do with the wireless connections somehow, but does anybody know what the problem might really be?


Wireless will be slower but have you thought maybe your neighbor(s) are using some of your bandwidth? Is your network secured? :eek: :eek: :eek:


Yea, my network is secure & I’ve turned on the router’s WEP feature. I also checked for other wireless signals in my area & the D-Link utility says mine is the only available one. I thought it might be spyware, but like I said, overall it works a lot better at school when connected directly via the ethernet port so that tend me to believe its not a spyware/adware issue.


Make sure you have updated drivers for your wireless. Other than that I would have said bandwidth stealing too, but since you have wep enabled and programs are runninng slow too… I would scan for spyware as well, maybe the firewall at school is blocking the spyware from running “properly” :Z Thats all I can think of now.


Yes as kwkard suggests I would check for firmware updates at the Netgear website for your router.