Laptop problem - Lenovo G530 4446-24U blank screen


I am trying to find some help fixing a serious problem with a friends laptop.

He has a Lenovo G530 4446-24U running XP Pro. As of yesterday, he put the computer into sleep mode and went to bed. Upon waking, he tried to revive the laptop but was greeted with a blank screen. Now, turning the computer off and on either with the battery in or out results in nothing but a blank screen and the hard disk briefly powering on. I am not quite sure where to progress from here.

Any help will be appreciated, I will try and remove the motherboard battery to reset the computer but I am not sure if I can locate/access it easily.

Thanks in advance,


Can you get to the bios screen?

[QUOTE=Whappo;2618217]Can you get to the bios screen?[/QUOTE]

Nope. I think the motherboard is shot…

Try pulling the hard drive out and then boot and see if it will go into the bios, if it does you just need to use a boot cd to fix the hard drive mbr.

If you pull the Battery with the Power connected and you get nothing on the Screen it does sound like the MB. Changing out the MB on a Laptop is no easy task, but it can be done. This model is not popular so eBay does not have a big selection, but you are going to pay over $100 for a good tested MB. Then you have to hope that the Processor, Memory, and HDD are in good shape. Like I said no easy task and lots of work. :cool:

Yup, first attempt is to exchange the CMOS battery.


before you start dismantling the laptop,

a) check warranty status (if positive, then let the support people deal with it)
b) remove the battery and the power cord, then press the power key for half a minute or so.


I have a HP550 Laptop. Last 6 month to i face problem. My Laptop Battery is not work. Everyday i charge 3 hours battery but laptop work only 30-40 minutes. and My DVD writer is also not work then give me suggestion.

Has nothing to do with the CMOS battery but the Laptops ACCU.

I also suspect it’s the accu of your laptop. Usually you can find a replacement battery on the internet but they tend to be expensive :frowning: