Laptop Problem - Goes Slow



Hello. I am having a rather strange problem with my laptop. First I will give the specs on it. It is an Intel Pentium 4, 1.8 ghz, with 255 ram.

The problem is, when I boot it up, and it loads everything up, (I have weatherbug and avg free that boot on startup) if I do not allow time for it to boot, I ALWAYS run into this problem. SOMETIMES if I boot and let it sit for awhile this problem doesn’t come til later.

Here is the problem, and I don’t really no how to explain it. Once I begin to surf the web or such, it will make a noise like the computer is overloaded or something. It kind of revs up and runs loud for awhile then quiets down, but once this thing kicks in, it just kills the cpu and EVERYTHING goes slow.

It is very weird. I have run several types of virus and spyware scans and it seems to be clean.

Any help on this?



Is it over heating?


I thought that may have been the case and even bought a cooling pad and that didn’t help.


Your fan speed will increase speed up and down, which is normal. As for your RAM, you simply need more to better support you Pentium 4 beast! Your system would rock if you put at least a 1GB of RAM in it.


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