Laptop Overheating

I have a Compaq Presario 2223us Notebook, which isnt even a year old, and overheats constantly. I can hear the fans running, but they dont seem to help. No matter what I do, my computer shuts itself off within an hour. I know its ovee heating because I backed up all my files, formatted my hard drive, and did a fresh install of windows. Does anyone have any advice to help reduce the overheating? Also, I’d prefer a method that didnt include me spending much money (or none at all :bigsmile: ) Anyways, thank you in advance!

Get a fan, aim the fan at the laptop and raise it off the desk slightly. I’ve got a presario myself but i’ve never had problems with it, always had it on a hard surface etc.

LOL! there is a product from targus (i think) that is a fan base for ur laptop, but if the vents are clogged, that won’t help.

Which reminds me, make sure you don’t have anything clogging the intake/output vents

I know about the fan base,(my uncle bought one for his new laptop) but the cheapest i can find it for is $30-$40, but I really cant afford that at the moment. Also, I had a fan aimed at my Laptop, and elevated my laptop slightly, but it didnt seem to help at all.

Also, i just checked my vents, and nothing seems to be clogging them.

If it’s less than a year old, why not have Compaq fix it for you?

I would, except I use it on a daily basis for school(I go to year-round). If not for that, I would have Compaq fix it.

My dad just went and bought me a fan base for my laptop, and its already running 10degrees cooler!! Thanks for your help, it is very appreciated.

Yes, I know. Here’s the thing - if it’s overheating a lot, something is broken. If you don’t get it fixed now, it will only get worse. And once your year is up, Compaq will ASSRAPE YOU on the repair bill.

Did you get it from a store? Like Best Buy? Talk to them, maybe they can do you a loaner or SOMETHING while yours is being serviced. Or use the machines at the public lab for a week - these things don’t take forever you know. You gain NOTHING by putting it off, and stand to lose the entire laptop. :frowning:

Trust me on this - my brother overheated his laptop recently, it was out of warranty. Lost a memory slot. Dell wanted HUNDREDS to fix it, and in the end it was simpler to just write off the memory slot and get a bigger stick of RAM for the other slot. Of course it WILL eventually get worse. :frowning:

It’s like a car - I know people hate computer/car analogies, but let’s be reasonable here. If your car is overheating you don’t “keep using it because I need it to get to school”. You take it to the shop and hitch a ride for a few days.

thats news to me!!dont worry little cabbage, when you get back from grandmas i will have it fixed for you all you had to do was ask! i love you (boiled cabbages mom)

My HP-Compaq notebook is based on a Pentium M 1.7GHz (735) but still generates this incredible noise. I want a docking station that can also cool this notebook without generating any noise. :iagree:

lol - dream on kenshin! … laptops weren’t meant to be silent … if they were … expect 12Kg to lug around like a suitcase … OH … and clearance all around the laptop