Laptop notebook karaoke CD+G burner

Hi, this is my first question.
I am looking for a list of laptop notebook karaoke CD+G burners.
I want to fit it into my Acer Aspire 1703SC

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I don’t own a laptop/notebook, so can’t say there, but have you considered going external and perhaps getting a Samsung (which is what we use for CD+Gs)?

Hi, thanks for the response.
Yes i have considered going external i actualy have quite a few of them all Plextors, the 716 being my favourite. I really would like to keep the external as a backup only and go internal. Main reason being the Acer 1703SC is a desknote and weighs around 9kg, that packed into a hard case weighing another 4kg or so plus the 17LCD monitor also in the hard case then it is getting heavy for doing mobile KJ. I can get by without a CD+G capable player/burner in the desknote as the Aspire takes standard PC hardrives 3.5" and i currently have a 500GB hardrive loaded with zipped mp3+g it just would be a complete setup for me if i had a compatible drive it gives me the fexibility to be able to play a customers disc when doing a show without having to drag out the external.

Ahh, I see :).

Well, maybe folks here with notebooks could check their internal drives with Nero InfoTool and post here if they support CD+G…particularly if they have Samsung/TSST or NEC drives fitted. :wink: