Laptop Motherboard Component ID



Does anyone know what a component labled Q would be on a Dell laptop motherboard. I know C is capacitor, R is resistor and so on. It’s a surface mount component with three legs (one leg is on one side and two on the other side). Thanks


‘Q’ is electronic speak for transistor.


Thank you olyteddy, I really appreciate that.


I have a MSI fx600 i3-350M and like a moron passworded my bios been a couple a years ago and I can’t remember what it is or find where I wrote it down contacted MSI and just got ignored I want to install a SSD hard drive but without access to the bios how can I set it to use the drive?:sad:


This may or may not work. I have used this method on some laptops in the past and was successfull part of the time.
See if you can locate your cmos battery and determine if it’s soldered to the motherboard or plugged into the motherboard. If the cmos battery plugs in, unplug your ac adapter, remove your battery, hold the power button in for about 15 seconds (this drains the capacitors on the motherboard), then unplug the cmos battery and jump out the two terminals on the motherboard where the battery plugs in for about 10 seconds. Plug it back in, install battery and ac adapter and hopefully the password will gone. Hope this works for you.


thanks heaps will give it a try and let you know how it turns out:)