Laptop memory

i was given 2 sticks of ddr2 6400, (2gb sodimm ddr2) after checking the part number it came up for panasonic, can i use this in my acer extenza which uses ddr2 5300 and can take up to 4gigs. Am i risking more than just a boot failure, i can not afford a new laptop right now Thanks for any help

“Acer Extenza” doesn’t tell me too much about the unit’s spec’s, but you asked the right question: “Am I risking more than boot failure?”

Generally, no. I’d insert one stick of RAM, turn the unit on and go into BIOS mode (SETUP) and see if that works. If so, then shut the system down again and insert 2nd stick.

I would Google the specific Acer Extenza model and see if I could find the voltage and CAS ratings for the memory, or look at the existing memory and see if some “1.v" voltage is specified and a "C” value is specified. If that matches the new stuff, you’re probably fine. “Heat” and “Voltage” are the biggest concerns with laptops.

I think you’ll want to do all of this without the battery being installed, by the way. Remove that and then do all disassembly and inserts.

hi christine, the model is acer extensa 4630z , thank you for the help i know just enough to get me into trouble

i should have mentioned that the memory is cfba64002g