Laptop memory upgrade question?

Good for you Colors, I know OC is for Processors, and you are dealing only with Memory. Most Laptops are not that durable, so I doubt yours will last maybe a couple of years with your configuration. So let’s see if you report to us when your Laptop dies. :cool:

Hey Alchava21 why not try and be a little more positive instead of craping on coolcolors party.

And yes OC is also for memory, people do it all the time.

[QUOTE=eric93se;2614535]Hey Alchava21 why not try and be a little more positive instead of craping on coolcolors party.

And yes OC is also for memory, people do it all the time.[/QUOTE]

Thanks eric93se for the support. I like it when people and end-user keep a open mind about hardware upgrades or experimentation. But as I see some others could care less and to report back to them as though your my teacher give me a break. If you don’t like what I am doing or experimenting on don’t read or comment on my thread it’s very easy to do.

And to report back I couldn’t get the 8Gigs to be recognized or boot on the M-6862 so that was a bummer but I did do one thing to make it faster I upgraded the processor to a T7500 of which it happly accepted and works with and now I will instead order a couple of 2-2Gigs 800Mhz Ram to be used in the M-68 laptop. I guess sometimes you win and sometimes you loose but at least I was able to use my old and dead Nvidia Dell D830 CPU and replace my Gateway T5750 CPU to a T7500 CPU. I guess I am happy with that upgrade at least and hope to get the 800Mhz Ram and will redo a Windows Experience Index and see what the results are.

[QUOTE=coolcolors;2614370]Well now that I have ordered my 2 4G sticks of Ram for my Gateway laptops and I can report back that I was successful on two of three Gateway to get them to recognize and run with the 8G Ram.

Gateway P-6860FX W7x64 will run and recognize the 8Gigs of RAM.

ugh so sorry to bring up an old thread but i want to ask coolcolors something and he isnt accepting pms :confused:

ok [B]i have the p-6860fx gateway with a T8100 (2.1ghz) duo[/B] instead of the 5550 (1.83ghz) that originally came in it.

[B] i am maxed at 4gb as u know i have the pm965[/B]
[B]CONGRATS[/B]! i c u r showing success with dropping in 8gb total under w7-64
i wondering if [B]u ran any extensive memory tests?[/B] while i suspect just running the os might be enough i actually would love to know if u tested all memory access. maybe max out the mem usage with photoshop or some 3d app maya or somethin etc. or not? id also be interested if you have or could run a 64bit linux mint maya or somethin as such live dvd on it and give it a good mem test too.

[B]i am struggling with the idea to put in the T9500 cpu or even the x9000 but i would only want to do this if i could get the ram at 8gb. 4gb is so pathetically low for my demands.[/B] and while i know i really just need a new laptop finances are such that i must make due with what i have.

i can get the x9k for 200 usd its a bit more than i wanna pay but it might be an option else the [B]T9500 is a steal at $75 on ebay[/B]

lets see umm [B]what bios ver r u running[/B] btw?
here what i running
BIOS Information
Vendor: Phoenix Technologies LTD
Version: R01-A1L B[/B]
Release Date: 12/28/2007
that would be the[B] godzilla bios[/B]
and just so there isnt any mistakes this is my sys info
System Information
Manufacturer: [B]Gateway[/B]
Product Name: [B]P-6860FX[/B]
Version: 1234567
love their version number. must be some mistake idk.

i did find some remnants of a bios ver 94.31 but i could not verify it as safe on my machine and did not know if there was any great benefit to out weight the risk of attempting to flash it. some people had issues and that just made me scared. i dont need another brick XD

[B]thanks coolcolors[/B] and please forgive me for brining up old thread but it is very important to me thanks!

Old thread, and I don’t have good news to deliver, but one other thought. Motherboard chipsets and RAM modules are made with an “End & Final Mem Address” value. The RAM stick will have a “Yes, this is MY final memory address” code embedded. The Motherboard chipset will have its limitation of memory addresses.

If these two don’t agree, the system may not boot. For example, an 8Gb stick in a 4Gb-limit motherboard can result in a Mem-Test-Then-Shutdown.

The motherboard is, in effect, saying, “OK, I see RAM inserted, but I asked for a Final Mem Address and the RAM Stick wouldn’t supply me with one fitting MY limitation - so it’s defective and I better shut down.”

“Defective” or “Ineffective” - same thing to the motherboard.

And then, to complicate things, OS’s have their own Last Memory Address Limit, too. Programmers and engineers - them and their limits.

They always remind of Barney Fife and his comments about giraffes: “Those giraffes are sure selfish.”

thanks christine for replying but i really need coolcolors to reply since is the one who did the tests with my specific laptop. i understand what you are saying though. however the problem is in the fact that intel specified the PM965 chipset to only handle a max of 4gb. in the wikipedia it is said that SOME have noted having accessed 8GB but some have not under same chip set. i just question if when testing if all memory locations were addressable or not. coolcolors even stated on a different laptop it only addressed 7.5 gb

Gateway NV52 W7x64 will run and recognize 8Gigs (7.75Gigs usable).
Gateway M-6862 W7x64 comes on but will not boot to windows so no go.

while stated my P-6860FX “recognized” 8gb and obviously booted into windows 7 in 64 bit mode

Gateway P-6860FX W7x64 will run and recognize the 8Gigs of RAM.

the real question is if he ran a memory test to read and or read/write to all unused memory to see if the machine would panic and shut down upon failure or what not.

its a 65 dollar after tax sold near by solution to buy 8gb in 2 x 4gb sodimms if i feel confident course i would also want to make sure i buy the exact memory he has in his laptop just incase it could even a case of LUCK of the draw with manufacture type etc.

thanks again u r uber smart XD

Another question might be - assuming, let’s say, we’ve got 8Gb of RAM in a 4Gb Limit computer…

“If MB boots and OS doesn’t - because they can have separate Memory Limits and Reactions - could an OS be loaded with some RAMDisk software that would allow it to subvert it’s own Useable Limit and thus accept 4Gb OS and 4Gb RAMDisk?”

Of course, if the MB chipset says “I only tolerate a 4Gb mem-address or I shut down”, then this is [I]finito.[/I]

Unless threats with ballpeen hammers might persuade MB chipsets to behave differently…

[QUOTE=ChristineBCW;2655805]Another question might be - assuming, let’s say, we’ve got 8Gb of RAM in a 4Gb Limit computer…

“If MB boots and OS doesn’t - because they can have separate Memory Limits and Reactions - could an OS be loaded with some RAMDisk software that would allow it to subvert it’s own Useable Limit and thus accept 4Gb OS and 4Gb RAMDisk?”

Of course, if the MB chipset says “I only tolerate a 4Gb mem-address or I shut down”, then this is [I]finito.[/I]

Unless threats with ballpeen hammers might persuade MB chipsets to behave differently…[/QUOTE]

no i think its more simple than that. the wiki states SOME people have CLAIMED to be running on 8gb on this exact chipset on some laptops. coolcolors has this exact laptop as mine and claims he got the OS running (booted) on the 8gb installed on the laptop. the question is so simple for coolcolors. did he or did he not test memory access to all usable locations or not.

i have seen where a bios and or os would recognize the full amount of ram installed but once the os attempted to access some portion of memory which deviated from the motherboard manufactures specified limits the computer freaked out. this was more common when we were doing piggybanking with 30 and 72 pin simms/dimms where 3 x 40 pinners were placed in a special card and pushed into an isa expansion slot. yeah this goes back to the 32 megabyte days lol

anyhow some have claimed to get 8 gb in their pm965 chip set motherboard but no one has come back with test results. its like they poofed from the internet. i am hopeful coolcolors will reply since i saw in his profile he had logged in very recently :slight_smile:

now in the commodore 64 days we used to bankswitch the 512k memory cartridges in a card slot expander. them were da days! when u could run your entire OS off 64k weeeee and still run programs :slight_smile:

Blury, this is ‘your’ DELL 830 8Gb-via-BIOS-update article and it’s pretty interesting. I’ll have to look (later, yawn, well after coffee, breaky, kids to school, etc) and see what a Dell-830 is, and if I can find one among chums, and maybe tinker with it.

Lately, though, when they see me coming, they tend to hide all of their equipment. Strange, huh? “Computer? What computer? What’s a computer?” That attitude really bugs me. It’s not like those fires were all [I]MY[/I] fault. Sheesh… they said they didn’t even like living in that neighborhood anyway…

And thanks for this Inspiron 1520 discussion about a 6Gb chipset limit maybe or maybe not accepting 8Gb.

There are two comments in here that have me nodding, “I’ve never heard of one slot accepting 4Gb and other slot only accepting 2Gb - you’d lose dual channel 100%”.

And finally, there’s the salient comment about motherboard lifespan and the inserted man-made limitations.

The advice “don’t bother wasting new nickles and dimes on old tech” still might be a central point to the argument. Yes, new mem can be had for $50-75 ish, but saving one’s pennies for a $400 new computer solves a lot, too.

Having two computers - even one very old and limited in the most modern software - does have its benefits!

yeah i understand the idea not to invest in old tech. course to replace this laptop to my desires would cost 1300 or more. this was a 2k lappie but sold out at 1300. the performance was not that great until u replaced the cpu. this is where the value really shined. the 2 spots for hard drives was nice too and the only bad thing about it was even though it is 17 inch screen it is only 1440x900 but i attached a 21 inch lcd and thats far and beyond. together working nicely together too although i wouldnt mind a 3rd. as for portability it isnt a huge factor i just enjoy the fact that a power outage doesnt send it off to bios land. in california i had 2 1500 UPS’s by APC and enjoyed running all my gear off them. that being a older laptop and 2 towers.

so i can still upgrade the cpu to a x9000 for 200 dollars and get 3ghz out of that as it is a 2.8 and oc-ing it to 3 isnt an issue. it just had to last me until i can finish and publish a book XD then i can retire it XD

P-6860FX is my laptop running a PM965 chip set. now i am willing to bet its the newer bios somehow allowing it to run higher density sodimms. the question is if coolcolors has or can do a full on memory test and show he is USING close to 8 gigs of physical ram by loading up some software like running some 3d animated sim or something that can use this in windows 7
there is a question also if linux os can even access the greater ram. a friend suggested that while windows 7 might and vista wont that linux might not either for whatever reasons.

Two 1500w UPSs?!! Are you paying for the utilities?!! Send ME some!

[QUOTE=ChristineBCW;2656314]Two 1500w UPSs?!! Are you paying for the utilities?!! Send ME some![/QUOTE]

ahh no not 1500w 1500VA
so thats about 1kw and amounted to approximately 4 to 6 mins of total UPS based on my 800w-ish load and fact one battery was at 50% and the other at about 75% (old units)

in a power failure i would have to go around quickly shutting things down cuz i didnt have the software setup to do it automatically for me. was funny because most the time the power would come back on within a few minutes in san diego.

now here in rhode island it isnt quite as fast. more like power goes out. then comes back on in a minute or less then goes out. for anywhere from 20 mins to 2 hours and sometimes longer just depends whats going on. i seriously think some people just get in their cars drunk and LOOK n AIM for the nearest telephone pole to plow LOL

i found the computers dont appreciate the new setup i have. which is a 3000w inverter on 3 marine batteries. the computer ran fine actually it is the external equipment that hated it like speakers and a non computer related item … a tall fan that has a remote. yeah it now thinks it is on crazy turn left right random mode all the time LOL

coolcolors where are you??? please please help answer my question

[QUOTE=coolcolors;2612146]Ok here it goes.

I have a gateway P-6860FX that will only go to 4G with DDR2 667 memory but I found on Newegg that they have DDR2 667 memory in 4G modules. If I ordered two of these 4G modules being as they are also DDR2 667 specs would that imply that now my laptop would be 8G of RAM rather then the 4G as specified by the manufacture?? I am asking this because I also have a Dell E1505 with 4G of RAM in it right now with W7x86sp1 and it shows as 3.5G and runs and works fine and the memory one that is also DDR2 667 specs? How can this be are the manufacture pulling a fast one on the end-users saying they can’t expand the memory but in fact there is a memory that would work?? Could someone explain to me why I (2) 2G modules DDR2 667 in a Dell E1505 would work and why won’t doing the same thing in a Gateway P-6860FX wouldn’t help this power hungry laptop more? I am seriously considering ordering a pair of 4G modules with DDR2 667 specs and trying it on my Gateway just to test to see if it works and then I will test the same RAM in each of my laptop to see if it does work and if it does I will update the RAMs to a larger specs.[/QUOTE]

wow this is so helpful! >>> “coolcolors has chosen not to receive private messages or may not be allowed to receive private messages. Therefore you may not send your message to him/her.”

cmon colors where r u ??
id really love it if u would answer my questions i asked.
u have the same laptop as me
i want to know if u utilized the full 8gb the system showed u having.
i wanna know what exact memory u used too if possible
and more importantly what exact bios did u have?

u not accepting pms which i find odd. did u get a lotta hate mail on here or somethin?
i know u been online on here. r u just ignoring my question?


No, I didn’t recall the PM being disable and I checked and it isn’t off but I unchecked the second box to see if that will fix it the PM not getting through. I haven’t visited this since I last replied to it. The Gateway P6860FX been sitting on the shelf for the time being as I haven’t had time to get back to it. I do have 8Gigs in the laptop but I haven’t done a memory testing but Windows7x64sp1 does recognize the 8 gigs of ram for my limited test I did with the windows own software. I haven’t thought I needed to use a software memory testing software to confirm that I had 8 gigs of Ram and since I haven’t tried to run high power games or video software or music software I won’t know the full capabilities of the 8gigs. FYI-I did upgrade my CPU to a T9300 as well from the previous 1.86Ghz that was originally in the laptop.

thanks for the reply yes the T5550 vs the T9300 isnt just about speed there are some other changes there that could have affected the ability to recognize the 8gb
best way woudl be to turn off the swap file in windows and open a hard core game or MAYBE some extensive photoshop while monitoring via taskman how much memory is being used?
otherwise there are probably some software out there that will run a full scale test on the memory capacity and usages abilities.

you are in a somewhat unique situation where u have a very well known PM965 on board with 8 gb ram “recognized” but if you were to verify a full usage test then it would then prove without a doubt that it is not only possible but hopefully stable and usable as well.

thanks so much i hope you can reply back and hope u will be able to run the tests?