Laptop LCD goes partially black. Help

Laptop LCD goes partially black. Help

Something really wierd and scary happened last night to my laptop’s LCD screen. I woke up to find the righthand bottom corner electronically stained with what appared to be black dissolve. There was nothing physically on the screen but it looked like someone had smeared black tar or ink on my computer screen.

Luckily, tapping the screen with my fingers caused the darkness to gradually disapate (now it’s all gone), but I’m still left wondering what the hell happened. Is this a serious issue with my LCD? Does it need to be replaced? The computer is only 1.5years old.

Other points to mention about the laptop:
I do keep it on a lot (mostly for downloading)
It has a loud (hot) fan which causes some overheating, and in order to keep the noise down (because I stay with many people), I sometimes close the laptop and cover the computer with as pillow or a blanket. It reducez the fan noise and I make to sure to always leave a pathway for the hot air to escape.

I’ve been doing this for a while now, and the blackness only appeared last night.

What is the blackness? What caused it? How can I avoid seeing it again? Also, if it does have to do with the overheating caused by the computer’s fan (what can I do to keep the noise down without causing such a disruption with the LCD)?

Sounds to me like you left it on too long and the screen overheated.

The corners get the hottest, so its best (especially in the summer) to turn the pc off, or close the screen while your not using it, to prevent overheating like that.

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