Laptop keeps losing dvd-rw drive

Hi, I am new to this and laptops.

I have just bought a secondhand Systemax laptop. When I put a cd or dvd in the drive it spun round but nothing happened and when I checked in “my computer” the drive wasnt there. I was told this had happened before and if I opened the drawer and pulled on the the edges the whole drive would come out then push back in and restart the laptop. I did this and the dvd rw drive appeared in my computer and was working fine. That is until I moved the laptop, the drive disappeared again. The drive model no. is “GMA-4080B(ARW0)” by Hitachi.

Is this a software or a hardware problem? does the drive need securing somehow? should I be able to pull the whole drive out just like that?

The laptop is running on windows XP.


If this happening when you move the Laptop then it sounds like a Hardware related problem, if the Drive is removable have you checked the contacts.

If you got a guaranty and are still within the time for that, go to your supplier and ask the problem to be solved as it seems some defective event you’re experiencing.

Thank you for your replies. .

Have checked contacts and they are fine.

Removed the drive and had a good look inside the compartment and noticed 4 metal spring loops that look like they should lock onto the drive’s outer case, looking at the top of the drive you can see marks made by these springs but there are no holes/indentations for anything to lock into. Maybe its the wrong type of drive for this laptop?

Laptop did not come with a guarantee

The best thing is to go ahead and buy a new burner drive and replace the old one, you be better off this way and the drive should not be that expensive either.