Laptop in car

hey, i’ve been wanting to run my laptop in the car of the car’s dc power supply. The laptop says it needs 15v dc input. But the problem is, the dc output on a car is only 12v.

I know i need a power inverter for tis to work, but i don’t want to go out and spend the money.

if any1 knows how to build one or can tell me where to get the plans to build one it would be greatly appreciated.

(btw, i am currently searching on yahoo, so its not like i’m too lazy to do it myself.)

Standard product :
Schematic :

thanx mr. belvedere, but one question:

Could you please explain to me the stuff in the yellow box?

It’s a chip , the LT 1070.

You can find all the info about these chips here

If you’re not familiar with the assembly of all those components and solder them on a print board i suggest the retail package.

ok, i see how it works.

I could easily assemble everything except for the chip so i think i will actually go out and spend the money on it.

Thanks a lot.

If you know somebody who makes his own prints (self made amplifiers) and knows how to handle a soldering iron , it’d be quite easy to make it.

ugh, that puts me right back into analog circuits again. eeek

Came across this article which lays out various choices, pros and cons
of mounting a laptop (for gps purposes etc.) in a car very well:


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