Laptop hdtv tuning question

Hi Guys,
ok i’m obviously a newbie and this maybe a stupid question or even in the wrong place

i’m looking to buy a laptop (toshiba qosmio ) which comes with tv tuner hdtv etc,

my question is can i connect my laptop to my larger tv screen to watch tv tuned in from the laptop and also can i do this to watch avi files from my pc?

Thank you all your wonderful :clap:


Hi there

I think you need to look at that model and see if it has a TV-Out connection, if it’s new then it will most probably have.

Usually this can be operated by pressing a 'F’unction key eg F3 or similar (check the manual) and look in the BIOS for settings for PAL/NTSC if they exist.

Regarding connections you can use S-VHS from your laptop to a SCART adapter, but that is only good for video, the sound would come from your laptop, unless you use the headphone socket and connect to external speakers.

You can thereby use any application on your laptop as your desktop will be available to you to playback on your TV too.

As your in the UK, there are no HDTV transmissions available to you on a DVB-T card. The only transmissions in HD are from Germany by satellite beginning Dec 2005. You will need a satellite reciever or DVB-S card and a subscription to view.

You can pick up cables from Argos (Camcorder Section) for about £10 which has SVideo + Audio connectors (just need a 35mm jack adaptor from Maplins). This will take the audio/video from your laptop straight to a SCART adapter…just plug it into your TV.

A Lappy with a HDTV tuner card??

The only usable solution I’ve seen is via FireDTV in case of DVB-S.
DVB-T external boxes are available but useess here in Germany - they’ll never transmit HDTV content via DVB-T.