Laptop fast burning speeds possible on ext?

is it possible to get fast burning speeds from an external dvr cd burner? i been trying to get a pioneer dvr-s806 to burn a cd at faster then 16x with no luck i tried using the usb, firewire also tried different burning media types and still no luck, i called my laptop manufacturer and they claim i shouldnt have any problems burning at faster speed with the ext burner. ??? is it really possible to do this and anyone doing it already?? whats the secret?

If you are trying to copy on the fly then 16x would probably be your limit. Copying from your hard drive should allow maximum burn speed.

Just make sure the didks you are using are actually recognised as higher speed by the burner. Some 40x, 48x and 52x disks are seen as much slower speeds. I have some 8x CDRs that are recognised as 24x on my DVD-106D, and some 52x that are only recognised as 16x. It’s just a matter of finding compatible media.

Keep your firmware up to date. That can help.

mender thanks alot i’ll look into that. also are you saying that i would burn quicker if i create for example an image of an audio cd like if i got mp3 and want to burn to audio cd. create image first then burn it?

What is your CPU usage during one of those 16x CDR burns? Sounds sort of like DMA is not properly implemented by your case. 16x is usually the limit when in PIO mode.
Firewire has a much higher throughput than USB2, but either should do CDR burning well enough. Does your burning software give you the option for burning at higher speed?

GRIMES yeah gives me the option to burn at 32 but theres no way is burning that fast cause takes just as long as my original burner which came with my laptop, as far as the usage cpu usage im not sure i will have to look and post it

@ rdgrimes:

Firewire has a much higher throughput than USB2

Actually USB2 is a bit faster than Firewire.

Firewire = 400 kb/s
USB2 = 480 kb/s
USB1.1 is only 12 mb/s

Mender if thats true then im gona switch to my usb port instead of firewire as i have been experiencing problems when i shut down windows it just frezzes ever since i started using the burner thru the firewire instead of the usb thinking that was my burning prob.

Those are burst rates, and do not reflect anything close to actual throughput. Firewire is much faster for sustained transfers. Here, it’s around 30% faster.

Sounds sort of like DMA is not properly implemented by your case. 16x is usually the limit when in PIO mode.

Grimes can you explain im not sure what you are talking about.