Laptop dvdrw secondary master solder mod

i have a teac dwv28e from a toshiba laptop that i believe is firmware locked to only work in secondary slave mode.
i am unable to activate udma 2 mode on this channel(in my ibm), so wish to know what terminals i need to solder mod (on the adaptor)to change this setting.

i read on the nec firmware forum that you join pins 45 & 47 to force a master(firmware set) to run on the slave channel…anyone know the reverse for me to try?

thanks to all who reply

Anyone help?

To start with you can consult technical data (pdf file) about this drive. :wink:

Please provide more info about your laptop, like H/W, bios, Mobo drivers, S/W aso.

Hi Pinto2,
thanks for the link. my drive is an O.E DV-W28E unit from a toshiba tecra 8200, not quite the same as the link as it also writes to dvd ram.
am i right in saying the solder mod joining pin 45 to 47 (ground) enables cable select? tried that…stayed as slave.
according to the pdf pin 35 is cs-0 (master)…do i ground this?

my laptop is a thinkpad 600x p3 500mhz, 300mb ram, latest bios, xp pro sp2.

i await your reply before i warm the iron !

There seems to be several versions of DV-W28E drives depending on where you live… :confused:
Can’t find a manual for RAM drive right now though.

SCASI standard connection should be the same no matter what brand of drives we are talking about (pin assigment numbering).

But before you begin ironing anything, we have to try get your drive to work in UDMA mode.
Have you tried to enable DMA in bios and/or in XP?

I have the similar experience from my sons laptop (CompaQ Armada M700), with a PIII-750 mobile. Originally a DVD-ROM was installed. Then I bought a NEC ND-6650 and swapped the drives. After install XP emediatelly recognized the DVDRW drive and run it in UDMA-2 mode from start.
Out of this I think you have to check if your laptops motherboard is able run in DMA on secondary channel at all. A visit to IBM support might give you some hints.
BTW, Armada is equiped with Intel 440BX/MX chipset.

Sorry if I can’t give you a definitive answer right away. :slight_smile:
Please keep us posted about your progress.

other users on have udma2 enabled on their secondary master dvd drives.

my toshiba branded cdrom will run multiword udma on the secondary master.