Laptop DVDRom-CDRW Drive, Lens Problem



It had been quite a while since i started having problems with my laptop cd drive, but then it completely stopped working, actually the problem was that the lens had stopped moving on the track, it just lay there at it’s initial position. For eg. if i pushed the lens manually from it’s initial position to the end and closed the drive door, it did not come back to the original place, just remained at the place to which it was pushed.
So, today I finally opened up my drive, and cleaned the rails on the either side of the lens, the one with the threads and the one without it. The threaded rail had some kind of lubricant on it, what should I put now in it’s place? So, I cleaned the drive and refitted it, now the lens has started moving but still the drive cannot read any cds. Any Suggestions?


Also, one more thing i forgot to mention is that, the drive light keeps on blinking, even if there is no cd in the drive