Laptop dvd-rw only working at 0.8x ? (Which is pretty useless)

Laptop - Evesham Quest (A UK PC and notebook builder)
DVD Drive - Sony RW-Q58A

My laptop drv-rw is only playing dvd’s at 0.8x speed resulting in choppy video and audio. It was fine with cd’s and dvd’s last night, this afternoon it’s all screwed up for no obvious reason. In the device manager I have set both the primary and secondary channels to dma if available (although the secondary shows up as the current mode as being PIO).

I’m not exactly PC knowledgable and have stretched my meagre abilities. Anyone any ideas or is it just the drive on it’s way out?

Ps I have cleaned it with a lens cleaner, and I updated the firmware to UYS3 all to no avail.

Hope someone may have an idea… :confused:

I presume the dvd drive is attached to the secondary channel? I have seen this before, where the entire channel is “stuck” in pio mode. Usually uninstalling the channel and allowing windows to re-detect and install it cures the problem. In device manager right click the secondary channel and choose uninstall, then reboot and post if it cured the problem or not

Thanks for the help, unfortunately it seems that was just the beginning of a larger problem that was leading to an instability of the OS with various fatal,system errors.
New OS installation and all is back the way it was…if only I could find the backup discs I made the other week… :bigsmile:

Well, glad to hear you figured it out :clap: