Laptop DVD replacement

so how do i find a replacement for my laptop optical?

lens is clear, puppy spins up, but no load anymore.
no view in refresh.

don’t know where to look for sizes, tray openings, etc.

older Averatec 6240, and computerGeeks has some toshibas for sale, but don’t know how they are sized.

Device Managers says
slimtype DVDRW SOSW-852s

sys info says
PNP Device ID IDE\CDROMSLIMTYPE_DVDRW_SOSW-852S________________PES2____\5&16FFAF0B&0&0.0.0

and looks like my info programs arn’t giving me much help here.

this is a rebadged MSI 630, but neither manufctr site shows this model anymore.


Optical drives for laptops are not generally interchangeable; the best course of action is to contact the manufacturer for a recommended replacement unit.

Alternatively, get an external drive, which is both cheaper and more reliable.



MSI usually builds with off the shelf components.

any tool or site that will tell me how to identify the actual one I have in here?

do use this as my travel laptop, and don’t want to have any more external periphs if i can help it.

gudmorning can you help me how to set up the external optical to the BIOS setup? i can’t find the USB in the BIOS… also my internal dvd is defective that’s why i used an external drive so that i can reformat my toshiba satellite 2450 laptop… actually, it is corrupted that’s why i want to reformat…

ok, found out what i need,
is cable select, standard slimline profile, and is also availible as a Sony.

these guys have some decent info along with the cross references on product.
lots of acers use the same stuff.

gonna do a bios update with MSI, and upgrade the processor too !!

hope it has a better bios page, this one on Averatec is pathetic.
no options, and dont see a way to log into advanced bios page. tried f10 on boot too.

with luck…

looks like thier is an issue with upgrading the bios, any version on laptops with SIS graphics chipsets.

it appears their is not video driver in the bios , because of an issue with widescreen modes.

gonna check a little deeper,

here is a link from WimBios page titled for the MSI