Laptop DVD Region Settings

I bought a region 1 DVD a while back and decided to watch it on my laptop. I changed the region settings from region 2 to region 1 and changed them back again when I got bored of the film. Recently I decided to watch it again and changed my settings as before. Now I’m stuck on Region 1 and it won’t let me change back…
but it still says I haven’t used up all my changes. All my software gives me the option to change the region back for the last time, but refuses to let me do it. I put in a region 2 disc and PowerDVD 5 gives me a window to change the region back, but then gives me “Error 8090000F: The disc’s region code does not match with the DVD player’s region destination.”.
WinDVD gives me the option to change it back in the “setup” menu, but when I ask it to change the region and hit “OK” it looks as though it’s done it but there’s no change. I go back to the menu and it still says I’m on region 1, and I still have one more opportunity to change back.
Windows Media Player tells me it’s the last time I can change, but when I do it says it was unable to change the region setting, tells me to insert a region 2 media and says to make sure I’m logged on as admin. I’m the only user of my laptop, so I log on as admin anyway. The DVD I put in is definitely a PAL Region 2 encoded disc.

Can anyone offer any advice? Is there any reset patch I can get anywhere? I’ve tried the occasional bit of freeware, but I either have to get a trial version which will only let me play 15 minutes at a time, or I get something that isn’t compatible with my drive (being an RCS-2 or whatever the post-2000 drives are known as). I don’t use or want to use any Peer-to-peer or file sharing programs, so downloading an altered version of any of the software is out of the question.

I’m not worried about changing my region setting again. All I want to do is switch it back to region 2 forever.

What can I do?



As far as I’m aware once the drive is locked on a region there’s nothing you can do to change it back unless you find out how to multi-region the drive.

Contact the manufacturer and explain to them that the drive hasn’t allowed you to change the region setting as many times as it should. If you’re still in warranty, you should get a new drive.

You could also try AnyDVD from - you can download a trial version (21 days) - That should let you play discs from a different region.