Laptop dvd drive replacement?

OK… I’ve searched the forums. I can’t find the answer. I have a Dell Inspiron 9300. The dvd drive isn’t working right. Should I replace it with another stock unit(SONY DW-D56A) or find a better one?

If the stock drive is giving you problems, you may want to try another drive. I can personally vouch for this slimline drive. I put one into my son’s laptop to replace his ‘stock’ drive and it reads/burns great. The SamSung sounds pretty good as well…

OK thanks… I’m just not sure if it will mount in the carriage or not.

Most slimline Drives are interchangeable, and I’m sure your Dell can accept them if it now has the SONY DW-D56A.

if it,s anything like the ones that i’ve replaced then you’ll have to disassamble the whole cartrige of the old one & put the new one in it,s place. you might have to use a file to make it work proerly(drawer wont open) . I,ve done this to 3 different units, one sony & 2 dells. good luck!!

If its the shape that your worried about I ran into that problem with my dell 5650. On the back side of tray there are pressure points to release the plastic cover door. Take it off the new one and reuse the one on your existing drive and put it on the slimline when you buy it so it looks OEM.

Thanks guys… I just ordered one from newegg. Should have it in this weekend.
I’ll report back.