Laptop DVD compatability - who'd know?


I’m trying to fit a new DVD±RW burner to a friend’s daughter’s Fujitsu L7310GW laptop. The old one (a Philips SDVD8431) is dead - and obsolete anyway. I live in the UK and can only get used ones, with 7 days warranty! This drive has a poor press, even on these forums. So I’d like to fit a better, new drive if possible.

I’m having real problems, though, finding anyone who’ll tell me what drives are compatible with this laptop. Can anyone point me in the right direction, please? (I’m still waiting for Fujitsu to sign me up for their forums but I think my friend tried and couldn’t get an answer.)

I’ve thought of a Sony, Liteon or Nec drive. The old drive looks to have a standard connector. There’s a rail on one side too - but new drives seem to be smaller (approx 5mm less) - measuring from the rear connector to the front bezel.

Any help gratefully received.



I can’t help you with the type of drive to get, but I have a NEC ND-6500A in this laptop and it’s a good burner. It’s only 8x - I think that’s about maximum speed for a notebook burner - but it burns with really high quality. Unfortunately it needs aftermarket firmware to support bitsetting on DVD+R media, but that isn’t impossible to get.

If it fits your machine, give it some thought. I rather like it.

Maybe this link:
can help to you.