Laptop dvd burner toshiba UJ-810B



:slight_smile: Hi:

       I'm trying to find out if the toshiba UJ-810B is compatible with IBM laptops (a31p);  if not, are there any that is.



Hi, I’m dimitris from Greece.
My boss has an R40 and it has that exact model on it.
In fact, I was looking for a solution for it, as he accidentally locked its region to region 1 and now he has a problem…
If U have any info as to where I might be able to find a way to unlock it, I’d be grateful.
I’m also authorised technician for IBM computers, so if there’s any help I can offer you in that matter I’d be glad.


The UJ-810B is a Panasonic drive. Optical drives are fairly universal. You want to make sure the Panasonic is the same dimensions as the drive in there currently. You may have the problem that the bezel on the current drive is different than the Panasonic. You may may be able to swap the bezels and/or the caddy if it is modular.