Laptop drive problems DVR-K17LA

I am having a problem with my laptop’s DVD drive. The laptop I am using is a HP Compaq NX6325 and it came with a HP DVR-K17LA drive. The drive is showing in the bios and on my compute, it also says the device is working properly in the device manager. But the moment you insert a any cd/dvd media nothing happens, if i then click on the drive in my computer the whole thing freezes and only closing explorer in the task manager can unfreeze the computer.

I thought that it might be a faulty drive so I bought a new one. I bought a NEC Optiarc AD-5540A drive. I installed the drive and turned on the laptop, it instantly recognised new hardware and installed it and device manager says the device is working properly… so far so good! But wait, yet more problems! The drive won’t read any purchased media or burnt media, the loading disc icon appears but nothing after that then when I checked the drive it says the disc is blank. When I put blank media into the drive the auto-load screen appears giving me options on what I would like to do with my blank media. But when I try to burn anything to the disc it gives me an error messages telling me to insert blank media.

This is driving me crazy trying to fix this so if anyone could shed some light on this problem I would be very thankful.

Welcome to the forum, nice drive buy the way. What software are you using to play or create cd/dvd’s?

Thanks mate!

I’m using Nero 7 mainly… but I did try Media Player to no avail sadly.

Maybe trying a different software like Burrrn might help you?

The drive needs a OEM HP firmware to work properly.

Which firmware has it?

Is the drive properly reconized in Nero?
Try to burn with Imgburn.