Laptop drive and write mode



I have never heard/seen such a thing…my burner died on me! The burner doesn’t indicate any problems in control panel, no exclamation marks or anything, the drive shows in explorer, ALL indications says it is working. But put a disk in, and nothing happens, except for a very SLIGHT spinning for a second or two. Explorer doesn’t show any files/tracks, the auto launch doesn’t show up, it is DEAD.
So I’m looking to get a new CD/DVD burner. I never thought it would be so problematic. There seems to be a real issue with size/compatibility beyond the width/height/length as far as my reading has told me…let me know if I’m wrong about that. For instance, I know there are some differences in size of regular CD/DVD Roms that go beyond 5.25" form factor, so I’m even more weary in buying one of these slim drives that I have no experience in with this 15-25% restocking fee every other store is carrying now. I’ve been looking at because I know from other readings it’s compatible with my laptop, but the problem is I don’t know what writing modes it supports (TAO, SAO, DAO), and it doesn’t support lightscribe…which I really would like.

So the question is,
1/ Is there any chance at slight variances in sizes like what may happen with the regular size CD/DVD drives, or AS LONG AS the width/height/length and connector matches I will be alright? If not, what is with all the specified compatible notebook/laptop indicators with the advertisements of laptop CD/DVD drives.
2/ Is there one someone can recommend…CD/DVD 24X and faster burner with lightscribe and TAO, SAO, DAO, and DAO Raw write modes?
3/ And a store with no restocking fee if I NEED to return it?



Unlike desktop PC’s where the drives are all the same size, there are differences in laptop models. You should start by visiting the manufacturers website or contacting the manufacturer directly to get specifics on compatibility. You aren’t likely to have many choices or options to choose from, but it varies by model. If you have the brand and model information, hit google looking for an exact replacement or even eBay.