Laptop Drive Advice Please

Hi all,

Sorry if these questions have all been answered before, have searched the forums but not got any answers so please be kind.

Currently am using an external Benq DW-1655 via usb housing with my laptop but am thinking of purchasing a new internal one as my current Sony DW-D56A internal is a pile of ****. It has a mind of it’s own as to whether it reads discs and burns are very inconsistant. Is this common for this drive or are all laptop drive this fussy??

  1. Is there a slim internal drive for my laptop that comes close to my Benq for burn quality and speed.

  2. Are laptop burners as good as desktop models

  3. The drive area is located by the hard disk in my laptop. Can excessive heat from the HD cause poor burns or damage the media.

  4. What laptop writer would you all recommend (I’m based in the UK).

Thanks in advance, I hope you knowledgable guys/gals can help. :bow:

I suspect that your Sony drive is experiencing some kind of mechanical failure. Most likely a lens problem as I’m hearing a lot about DVD lenses dying.

  1. No. Laptop DVD drives are only half the speed of Desktop DVD drives.

  2. No. Some people here have been discussing (in another thread) as to why this is the case. If you do a search then you might be able to find it.

  3. I shouldn’t think so.

  4. sell some Laptop drives. Any one of those should work fine with most Laptops: (Choose page 2)

I bought an AD-5540A for a Compaq Laptop and had no problems with it.

When you’re buying a new Laptop DVD drive, just be wary that you may need to remove any casings and fittings that were attached to the old drive and attach them to the new drive.