Laptop DJing Sound Problem

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro 2100 laptop, CPU 1.80ghz with 256mb of RAM. I have started to use this as a DJ tool, using mp3s ripped from cds and vinyl. As the onboard soundcard is quite poor (the sound is much quieter when plugged into a PA system compared to cd decks and vinyl turntables), I bought an external soundcard - the Aureon 5.1 usb from Terratec - which greatly improved the quality and volume. I recently took this setup to a venue, an underground basement of 250 capacity and plugged it into the mixing desk and played my music through Winamp v3 using the inbuilt crossfading facility. For the first 20 minutes everything was fine but then I noticed that a song would pause with a noticeable half a second gap then continue. This subsequently happened about one or twice during each song (average length 4 mins). Obviously this is completely unsuitable for DJing so I quickly switched to the CD decks. I am at a loss as to why this happened, it didn’t happen before when I used the laptop’s onboard soundcard so could this be to blame, or will it be because my laptop isn’t powerful enough or some other factor? I have since checked the mp3s on a different computer and the mp3s are fine. I am intending to purchase Traktor to use instead of Winamp, is this likely to make any difference? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

A few things. First off, your lappy’s PLENTY powerful for what you’re doing. (One of the systems I use in my soundrig is an AMD K-6/2-350 for christ-sake! lol) Load and run Spybot S&D, as well as GRISoft’s AVG antivirus to make sure there’s no nasties running around eating up system resources.

End ALL processes that are un-needed. (What OS are you running BTW?) I use PowerPack 2005 on my machines which not only allows me to not start un-needed apps at startup, but also has a nice utility to help with my NEXT suggestion, which is:


Memory CAN be an issue. I’d recomend no less than 128 megs with win 98SE, and POSITIVELY no less than 256 megs with XP.

DEFRAG your hard disk FOR SURE!

Please PM me and let me know how that works out. OBVIOUSLY, you need to get this sorted before you use your lappy at another gig.