Laptop displayed on a hdtv

I want to display my laptop on my hdtv. The laptop has an supervideo hook up as does my tv.

whenI plug the supervideo cord in, it in nothing happens.

what do I need to do to display my laptop on the tv.

I am running XP if it matters.

You need to have proper resolution and refresh rate. You may need to get a PC to TV converter. I use Scan It and Grand Ultimate XP Pro.


I used the Gateway laptop vga out to the HDTV vga in and am getting a killer pic at 1024x768-eh!

Yes, your laptop should have a blue multihole connector on the back and the same one should be on your HDTV (if not then you wont get HDTV resolution as most laptops dont have HDMI or DVI connectors. If you HDTV has neither HDMI, DMI, component or PC connectoions then there is no way to view high def signals at all). S-Video connections will not transfer HDTV signals, they only support SD low resolution signals (along with scart and composite connections)

On your laptop there will be a key combination to swap between the internal screen and an external screen. When your TV is setup to view the picture on the PC monitor connection press the key combination on your laptop and it should blank the laptop screen and show a picture on the TV.

I am not really concerned if it is in high def or not, I just want to play halo ce on the big screen and the old command and conquer and the N64 emulators.

My computer has the VGA socket, and a super video, My tv had HDMI, supervideo and a bunch of the rca looking inputs in different colors.

I read to switch video the key combination is press FN/F5, five times. What in the FN key?

The computer is a DELL, does anyone know the swap output combination?

If you TV has PC input then it is very easy just connect the video output of your laptop to the PC in of your TV and the set your source on your TV to PC…

no pc input

Then you cant not do it.

I did it. supervideo out to super video in.

the FN key and f8 to toggle between the tv and the laptop screen.

The picture is crappy.

will I get a better output quality if I use vga to 5 plug rca component cables?

like these

that will work, but I’d suggest one of these since they are cheaper and are probably higher quality since they are Belkins :slight_smile:

12’ $45 free shipping

6’ $30 free shipping