Laptop constantly restarting whenever Im playing games

My laptop constantly restarts when I play games like DotA,Stronghold 2 / Legends. Even after i reformatted my laptop,problem still occurs. My specs are Core 2 Duo,1.83Ghz ,1GB RAM & 80gb HDD . I downloaded MobileMeter and it shows that my Temperature is at 81-82 degree celcius.I wonder if that is normal.

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seems as if your problem is due to overheating. See if you can get a service manual for your laptop so you can open it without damage and remove all the dust from its inner and from the coolers.
In case your laptop is still covered by warranty, contact customer support to have your laptop serviced.


Thanks,I just found out that when I play games,the temperature rises to 100 degree celcius.And my laptop is 4 years old , warranty is over. Thanks for the quick reply.

Disassembling it would of course be best, but it’s also possible to just spray compressed air into all the openings. Can you feel the fan blowing air?

Yea,the fan blows really hard when im playing games. You can feel the heat on the left side of my keyboard,burning ! How do I spray compressed air in to the openings?

Pick up a can of compressed air like these Office Max link. When spraying the air make sure the can is upright otherwise it will spray liquid, you can do it with the laptop off and you might want to go outside in case there is a lot of dust. Spray into all the openings along the sides and back especially where the big air slots are, try not to choke on the dust :slight_smile: I would get the biggest can.

edit: if a family member has a air compressor you can use that too, just don’t set the pressure too high, 30-40psi is more than enough.

Ah,I see.Sadly,our country doesn’t sell all these stuff and I never buy anything online.Thanks for the info,for now,i think i might just send for repairs.Afraid that spraying all this compressed gas could do harm to my laptop without proper handling. Just trying to find a Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 to reformat my laptop before I send for repair,too much illegal downloads =X