Laptop connection

Is it possible to connect a laptop up to the 5045 in order to play movie / music files. I have several .avi files and loads of music I want to play through the tv / stereo and would appreciate any advice.

Many thanks


The only way to put files onto the 5045 from a PC is to either

a) Burn them in DVD format onto a DVD and then copy them onto the HDD of the 5045

b) Connect the laptop upto the 5045 using a TV output on the laptop and then record them onto the 5045 in real time.

c) some people have had success using the firewire port and using the same realtime copy as B but using firewire. Its very slow to assemble the video though. My 3GHz laptop was running at 0.4x speed to assemble the file before it sent it via firewire to my old Philips DVDR. Think the liteon is fussy though with its firewire port.

If memory serves me right, the 5045 can playback MP3 files that are on DVD or CD so you just need to burn them to a disc and put them into the 5045.

Hi qwakrz,

I would like to do exactly what you mention under option c): send a Video
from my Laptop through the FireWire to the 5045’s DV Link input.
How do I need to rpoceed step by step?
What software do I need on the PC to send the movie to the 5045?
Can I send a DivX video to the 5045 like this? How?

Many thanks in advance!


i’ve been wondering about this too.

any idea if the following setup would be viable:

liteon lvw ghc 5025+ connected via firewire/ i-link port to PCI firewire port (ADS tech pyro capture card).

broadcast monitor connected to s-video out on liteon.

I’m trying (with no success at all, yet) to preview menus on Encore DVD 2.0 on a PAL monitor…this is the only setup option i have at the moment. If anybody has any better suggestions, i’d love to hear them!