Laptop Competely Shuts down!

When using ver After copying one Movie to ISO, the second movie (makes no diff which movie) after about 10 minute of copying the entire computer shuts down to a point I have to turn it back on with power button. Even after reboot of the computer is will shut down at the same time each and every time I try. I uninstalled it and reinstalled FAB and it worked fine for one movie. then did the same thing again.

Running XP Media on AMD 64…

Help please!


Sounds like a computer issue and not a software issue to me? Go to Control Panel and then to Power Options and check to see that everything is set to never shut off. Make sure that Hibernation mode is disabled.

When trying to copy a movie go to Task manager and check to see how much of the computer resources are being used. You maybe running out of system Ram but that usually will just cause the system to freeze.

Make sure all screen savers are disabled also when copying movies.
Good luck! :slight_smile:

Right click My Computer > Properties > Advanced > Startup and Recovery. Disable Automatically restart.

I’m thinking your problem may be you don’t have enough RAM. With this setting enabled your computer will restart when overloaded. Restart your computer after disabling this and see how you go.

Getting too hot? My laptops work hard when doing video stuff. If they don’t have enough circulation they will shut down, act flakey, etc.

I think there are some utlities you can get on the net to monitor CPU tempetaure — from above it defo sounds like some sort of system resource problem, – RAM or getting too hot. You may even have a utlitly already on you laptop to do this.

Another thing you can use to watch what’s going on is “task manager” – right click from the windows menu bar and select this and look @ Performance – u can see how hard you CPU is being hit and this will mean getting hot.

If it’s not the CPU getting hot or RAM the other thing could be the Power Supply Unit (PSU) overheating — I had the same thing on a desktop PC when doing video editing.

You can try propping up the back of the laptop on a book or something to let more air flow beneath it (just make sure you don’t block any vents). I keep mine like that regularly, or it overheats when I am doing heavy work on it and it just shuts off.

Sounds like heat.

I had a similar problem. I used a vacume cleaner to suck dirt out of the heat sync and that helped. I also added a cooler.

BTW: My PC is a Pentium 4 notebook. This really runs hot. Eventually I will replace th notebook with something that runs cooler.