Laptop: centrino

hi all

i’m considering of buying a -used- laptop. The thing is i haven’t been involved with laptops for a long time, and there are some things I’m not very sure of. Could anybody tell me if a centrino platformed laptop has by default a pentium - based proccessor? Or could it be a celeron as well?

Thanx in advance

Laptops may only carry the name “Centrino” when they contain both a Pentium M cpu and a PRO/Wireless 2100 chipset (for wireless networking). Currently, the Pentium M is the fastest Intel laptop cpu available.

Ok, that’s what i thought at first too, but just to make sure of it, i googled “centrino celeron” and this is one of the results: That’s when i got confused and decided to post the thread. Sorry if there’s something obvious i don’t understand…

There are various Centrino CPUs. Celeron M and Pentium M. Banias and Dothan. Get Celeron M if you want higher performance/cost. Get the highest clock Sonoma if cost is not that important.

Hmmm… you’re correct. I haven’t noticed that earlier. I seriously doubt if those Celeron M laptops may carry the name centrino.

If mobility is important to you, I would go for a laptop with a Pentium M cpu. The Celeron M doesn’t have the speedstep feature, which causes it to use more power (= shorter battery life).

I would choose Pentium M 730 among Pentium M processors. 533MHz FSB and still cheap enough. 730’s at 1.6GHz. My Dell Latitude 800 has a 1.6GHz Pentium M as well but it runs at 400MHz FSB only and is based on the older Banias core.

Isn’t the integrated “Intel Extreme Graphics” part of the Centrino brand name also?

Nope, it’s just these three ingredients (copy-pasted from Intel’s website):

  • Intel® Pentium® M processor
  • Mobile Intel® 915 Express chipset family or Intel® 855 chipset family
  • Intel® PRO/Wireless Network Connection Family

Fair enough.

Intel Extreme Graphics is the graphic part of 845G/865G/915G/945 chipsets for both desktops and portables.