Laptop CD/DVD Drive

Hello, this is my first post on this site. I have a Toshiba laptop with a CD/DVD drive. The drive will not read every CD I put in it. To find out if it was the CD, I have tried CD’s that it would not read in another computer and they worked fine. Should I spend money on one of those CD drive cleaning kits, or are they a waste of money? What should I do? Buy another CD drive? Thanks.

1st off…welcome to the forums…:slight_smile:

Depends, but a cd cleaning kit is not a bad idea, usually a damp coffee filter is just as effective though if it’s just a smudged or dirty disc.

Are these commercial cd’s or burned cd’s…data or audio? A lil more information would help us help you…:slight_smile:

Thanks, I have my brand new navigation software that I cannot install because my drive will not read the install disc. I also inserted the maps disc and it would not read it either. I tried this on my friends pc and it read the discs fine. On the other hand, I was able to install the software for my digital camera and my new printer. It seems like my drive just chooses what cd’s it wants to read. It also is not letting me burn cd’s because it will not read the cd when I put it in. What I mean by the drive not reading cd’s is, it will just keep spinning the cd over and over, trying to read it, and then nothing will show up. I do not understand.

well keep in mind the term cleaner is tossed loosely. What you "may wish to look into is a lens cleaner. You drive read some fine…your problen does not seem to be dirty discs, perhaps a dirty lens…:slight_smile:

Thanks, I will try a lens cleaner. Do you have any recommendations? Good brands?

wet and dry…it’ll come with a lil bottle…:slight_smile: 5 bucks USD