Laptop CD drive quality

Hello! I have been planning to set up a sweet digital music system for a while now. I’m still not ready to do it (too busy with work), but I’m about to buy a new laptop and I’d like to make sure the CD drive is capable of high-quality digital audio extraction via one of the real software extractors (CD Paranoia, that popular Windows one, others?). I think I’ll be getting the thin-and-light Dell Inspiron 300m. Does anyone know about its CD drives? These are the options:

24X CD-RW/DVD Combo Drive

4X CD/DVD burner (DVD+RW/+R)

8X CD/DVD burner (DVD+RW/+R) w/ double-layer write capability

Do these choices matter for DAE? I know the ability to write to DVD won’t make any difference, but I wonder if that capability means the drive is built to a higher spec that will mean it is better at DAE.

For CD DAE, higher speed for DVD+R writing does not matter. If it does, I don’t know about it.

Are there 8x DVD writers for Dell notebooks available? I also have a Dell, Latitude D800, but I have only a CD-ROM for this heavy machine, over 3kg.

Is there a chance that a CD drive purchased with the Dell Inspiron 300m will not be sufficient for use with one of the above mentioned pieces of DAE software? Is this even an issue with new drives these days?

You should check out Dell’s forums. They have one under Inspiron’s for optical drives. You may have trouble finding the DAE of these drives. If you only want to do DAE from cd’s, the dvd/cdrw may serve you best with the least issues. The dvd+rw drives in notebooks are not without quite a lot of issues, and not ready for prime time.