Laptop CD-drive doesn't open

I bought used CD-ROM and I’m trying to use it in my laptop. It need to file the mask of cd-rom becouse there is special bar in my laptop cd box. Okay my filing operation went succesfully and I can put the cd-rom inside computer without any obstacles.

The CD-ROM is working (writes and reads cds), but I can’t understand why it doesn’t open drive when I press the open button from mask. The cd-rom peeps three times if cd is inside and one long time when there isn’t cd inside. I can open the cd-rom only by pushing with thin wire to release the bar. Does anybody know what means those peeps which are coming from cd-rom? Does anybody know why cd-rom doesn’t open? My laptop: Lifebook E6540, CD-drive: SONY CD-RW/DVD-ROM CRX820E.