Laptop burner broken. Help needed!



My brother somehow broke the laptop burner. It firstly couldn’t burn CD/DVD and now it cant open.
The burner we have now is a Toshiba SD-R6372. Now I want to buy a new (or used) DVD burner. But I don’t know which one will fit. Here are some photos of what the Toshiba SD-R6372 looks like because I know very little about laptop burners so its better if I take photos just to help you guys a bit more especially with the connector.

Which laptop burner make and model will fit my laptop?


Sorry for the crappy photo’s. I used my mobile camera.


I´m pretty sure they all fit.

My Sony needed a new burner…the local store had a range of 5 or 6 to choose from. Just needed to unscrew a connector on the back, turn it around and screw it together again…
then slide the whole unit in and fix the holding screws…works sweet as.

Take it to a shop and ask.