Laptop Blamed For Fire That Caused Crash, Destroyed Truck

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. – A Florida father said his laptop computer caught his truck on fire and put his daughter’s life in danger.

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It had to be a Dell…:eek:

Dell Computers said the laptop in question is not the same model that had recently been recalled.” :stuck_out_tongue: <!–stopindex–>

Then my question is this: if it was not the same model that had been recalled, and it was not using the same defective Sony lithium-ion battery that is the only known cause of Dell laptops going up in flames, then how could this have happened? The article doesn’t state more specifics, so the only thing I see is that Dell is trying the ‘deny’ route to avoid a possible lawsuit. Besides, the symptoms are too related to the defective battery in question to be a coincidence, regardless if the laptop model was different. :eek: