Laptop Batteries

is it good for your laptop battery to be fitted when your using the power cable?

as i’ve heard it’s not good for them, or does it not matter?

Most (all?) laptops are designed to be used with a battery inserted at all times, even when you’re running with external power.

Some laptops won’t even allow you to switch them on unless a battery is inserted.

Some other laptops won’t stand properly on a desk unless the battery is inserted, because one of the rubber “feet” is attached to the battery.

It’s a good idea to disconnect power once in a while and let the laptop run on battery until the battery runs (almost) empty. Some batteries will lose their storage capacity if you never let them “work”. Look in the user manual for your laptop for specifics, and if there are none then I suggest you run the laptop without external power and let the battery run down at least once a month. usually has pretty good stuff.

They say that you should. This is for a laptop that is being used as a desktop most of the time.

thanks Darge & boushley for that, thats was along the lines of what i was thinking

Hi Bj I have a 2 yr old Sony Vaio and i leave the battery in it so it will charge. And like Drage say let it run down once in a while.

For what it is worth-certain HP laptops (mine is a 5570us) can run with or without the battery. I do not usually let it “run down”. I do use the HP Battery conditioning program that came with the machine and that does the job. Another thing, which I do not like, is that HP in their wisdom has a light on the laptop that will blink if the battery is out and you are on line power-otherwise it is solid showing the state of charge. Battery life seems unaffected in my case.

thanks Bob.

jc836, i’ve a HP 6715b laptop, theres no light when the battery is out, they’ve maybe seen the error of their ways

this HP Battery conditioning program sounds ok, i’ll have to look for it