Laptop audio not working



Last night, I reformatted my laptop, I re-installed windows xp, I went to play some music and windows media player came up with an error; so I checked the “Sounds and Audio Devices” in the control panel and it said I had no audio devices… :confused:. Is there a program I can use to see what company my sound card is with so I can download the drivers? I remember before I reformatted that there was some kind of sound effects button which looked like this:

But I don’t know where I could re-download it too.

Here are some other screenshots:

Device Manager:

Sounds and Audio Devices:


My onboad realtek sound device has a Icon similar (a little different but similar) to the one you wrote.
You could try the Realtek drivers.


Thats probably the realtec symbol. Best thing to do is go to laptop manufacturers web site and download the drivers from there.


if you are using Win XP. you still need to reinstall the Audio Driver CD that came with your laptop.

otherwise you can visit the website of your laptop and look for Drivers and Downloads.

Hope this works :smiley:


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well, two years are gone, that was time enough for the original poster to either solve his problem or get rid of that computer :bigsmile:



Well I have a computer with this problem and can not find any help. Other than format and reinstall. Does anyone have any idea what might fix this…I am thinking registry stuff to fix this one.
ANY wizards out there???


Have you tried to roll it back using system restore?


thanks deanimator,i rolled back using system restore then reinstalled audio drivers i can hear again