Laptop acronis problem?

Here is the story I got a Gateway NV25 that has 2G of RAM and when I go to use Acronis 2011 on CD to make a backup image of my HDD to store for future restores in case of hard drive crashes or problem. When I get the program started making a complete full image of the HDD it would start in about 2-5 min and then suddenly shutdown. I did a search online and read where some have said the memory overheating is causing the sudden shutdown and I did check the memory and they were very hot not burning. So could that be the cause?

Thats kinda strange. Try stress testing the PC with Prime95 or something like that for a little while to see if there are any errors, you can choose the stress test that stresses the RAM most. I wouldn’t run it for more than 10-15 minutes though. If there are no errors then the theory of the hot RAM is false.

That’s what I thought as well I was starting to think it’s the hard drive that is causing the problem. But this is on a fresh/clean install so why my aspire 5100 can image the HDD but my gateway NV52 bulks at imaging the HDD. I will switch the seagate with WDD and reinstall the O/S and try to image it again and see what happens. Otherwise I will contact Gateway as to why it does this.

Ok, I was able to finally make a backup of my HDD and the end result is the HDD-Seagate was bad and unable to do the backup. So looks like the Seagate HDD is the bad component in the system. My 500G HDD WD was successful to doing the image backup correctly. So conclusion is the Seagate HDD even though it works was unable to do the backup and most likely has some bad components or hardware in the HDD that didn’t properly function correctly causing the imaging process to shutdown to early without creating a image of the drive.

I’m not looking forward to recovering my hdd with all my linux & windows OS ISOs … It’s doing the same same … Detects ok, crashes/hangs the pc when accessing the hdd :frowning:

Not fun.

Tried to do reimage again and it shutdown before it finished it looks like I might have to clean out the dust and redo the heat sink thermal paste. Could be the dust and old thermal paste not causing overheating and causing it to shutdown in the process.