Laptop 2 pc wirelessly?

hi guys, i just got a laptop and want to use the internet VIA the PC but if i can, wirelessly. What do i need for this? a wireless router>?

Advice welcome, appreciated…


Well, you can get a wireless NIC for the workstation, and connect sharing the connection using the workstation under “Internet connection sharing” properties, or, YES a cheaper and simpler approach would be a wireless router, and you would not rely on the main PC being on ALL the time this way.

Some good router names to look for are D-Link, Linksys, Netgear, and SMC. if you have further needs than just internet sharing, each of these routers have their own strenghts and weaknesses, but ALL can easily support file/printer sharing as well as internet sharing.

Just buy what you can get cheapest.

The solution is to use a wireless router (desktop connected to it), plus a wlan adapter in your laptop. I have been using this configuration, works fine. And there is one more advantage to the wireless connection. You can reach the Internet with your laptop anywhere in the house or garden. :wink:

Used brand: Siemens Gigaset.

Thanks for your reply guys, appreciated. So i need a wireless router and a lan adapter for the laptop. Isnt lan built into the board?? it aint dam, so i need a lan adapter…kk thanks guys SasArchiver

Some new laptop models have it built in, check your documentation to be sure.