Lappy lost hdd



i have a dell laptop and it got a bug went to clean it and crashed the lappy half way throuw the scan and the hdd has gone plaese help has the lappy is from my m8 and over five years old
it’s a dell latitude cp-r ,400mghz pent 2 , 6gb hdd ,128 ram


Hi and welcome to thbe forums!

Can you perhaps try to describe the problem in a detailled way? What does happen when you turn on the system? Is the harddrive not detected? Or does the software (probably Windows) on it fail to load?

If you can provide us with some more detailled info, we might be able to help you!


it’s not see by the bios any more ,makes a grinding noise and laptop just beeps at you after the dell test page/ startup page


Can you enter the bios?

F2 key usually gets into the bios, however, you may need to look at dells website in case the button isn’t F2.

Ensure that it is detected correctly.

If the grinding problem persists, it’s likely the HD is gone.
You can remove the HD and stick it in a USB->HD case, which may be all of US$15, just to check it.

It may also be a corrupted file system, although I doubt it if the HD makes a grinding noise.

Can you also confirm that the grinding noise IS the HD and not the cdrom.

Failing that, it’s time to either upgrade the laptop of buy a new HD, it’s only $120ish US for an 60-80GB / 8MBcache 2.5" 5400rpm HD.


i can get into bios hdd not shown ,only floppy on the laptop it’s the hdd making niose


Most probably your MBR (Master Boot Record) and partition table got damaged. :sad:

What OS are you running? When on M$ Windoze XP check out THIS.
If you have windoze 98 simply run A:>FDISK.EXE /MBR from your 95/98/ME start disk.

This actions might make it possible to access your HDD. To recover/repair files you need additional apps.

If you are not sure how to procede /or if your computer knowledge is limited, my advice is to let a proffesional computer engineer help you out. :wink:


my computer knowledge is very good and it pionts to the hdd is dead bios says no hdd, not tryed fdisk run on floppy,i give it ago put me think rip hdd .let you now how it go