Lapd crew 2000 -- are we good or bad?



Hello people,

We are one of the sponsors of The best site around called CDFREAKS

Now we want to know what we do right and what you want te see changed.
Please reply to this Topic because we want to know how the people think we are doing.
Are we doing is right or are we doing it completely wrong.

What do you think about our delivery???
Fast, slow or not very good quality??

Please look at our Site on:

and try us out.
We deliver in 3 days max !!!
Belgium and The Netherland only


LAPD crew voor al je cd’s en snelle levering.


ok not one of the best,but the top i think and i am sure about believe me you can trust them.


Sometimes fast, sometimes slow…
But you can trust them.


Indeed a very good dealer. (like i’ve told before) Fast and not to expensive. And a good service also.
What should i want more???
Keep the good work going.