Laoptop won't boot up

I have problem with pico laptop.
When I switch on the power the hard drive starts, the fan starts for a second then stops,
and it will not boot up at all not even with the AC power adaptor. Blank screen. But I can still hear what sounds like the hard drive spinning. Can you help!

There are no beeping sounds?

Problem is, a laptop is not something you take apart that easily and replace some hardware.

If it does not even pass the memory detection it might very well be a problem with your BIOS. If a Virus (for example CIH.95) has deleted your BIOS, you will have a hard time getting it booted.

Since you do hear a fan spinning, there is nothing wrong with the power supply, that is why I think it could be the BIOS and when that is broken, it sucks.

i thought modern motherboards had protections on the bios to prevent something like a virus from getting to them.

tax is refering to the beepcodes that the motherboard should be emitting if the bios finds something messed up. however, lack of beeps = either lack of bios or lack of problem. since it definetly sounds like you have a problem, call tech support. i hope you have a warranty, or that its something simple, because bios’s generally dont come and go.

Thaks guys. No bleeps. Out of warranty…
Sounds bad to me to. What do I do if it is the bios?

Originally posted by beermonster
What do I do if it is the bios?

You could try and buy yourself a new BIOS, but I don’t know if you can replace that on a laptop (I know you can with PC, you have to manually remove the chip and replace it with a new one, be very careful though, with force and static electricity)