Yes this has probably come up before but I am new and still need to know this…
If I copy a film and tick the subtitles for English thats fine but I do not want the subtitles showing during a film that English is spoken!!! so I turn them off when viewing the film

However sometimes another language is spoken during the film…for example in Kill Bill …and as I have the subtitles turned off I never get to know what is said…

What do I need to do in order to be able to have the other language subtitles only during a film


goto edit > preferences, and set the streams to english only.


hey ther thanx 4 the reply but I should have mentioned I am using clone dvd but is it all to do with the streaming???


sorry i`ve never used clone dvd, i always use DVDDecripter & DVDShrink both are free and give very good results.


I am thinking of using these too now where can I get them from



Thanx for the links I’ll give them a go


no problem, i decided to add them to my signature as i tend to recomend them a lot.