Language problem in dvd2one

First I have to say that dvd2one rocks!!!:bow:

Second I’ve noticed that in subtitle selection menus when using
English interface all subtitles have a name (e.g English,German etc.) but Hebrew subtitles show as Unkown - why is that?

Third when first disscussing translations to dvd2one I’ve given an Hebrew translation but it wasn’t added to the program, I asked why and ReneB answered that they were having trouble with many non-standart laguages such as Russian and Hebrew and etc. but now I see that there is a russian translation in the program but no Hebrew one - why? - If you need me to do
the translation again I’ll do it…

Thanks in advance.

Well the reason it shows unknown is (and this is a guess) that the person who originaly authored that disc did use the correct ISO standard for naming it hebrew (or what ever languages are being used)

DVD2one reads the IFO, parses the languages and for the languages who are NOT defined in the ifo it just states the unknown message.

About that translation, i don’t i’ll ask Erwin about that.
(he just left before i read this message)

when I use Power DVD to watch the DVD in thier pop-up menu when selecting subtitles I see Hebrew and also in IFO edit i see hebrew, so I do think this is a DVD2ONE Issue.
Will you please check It ?

Yes i will look into that.

If you need me to do some tests for you I will be happy to.
It couldn’t be that much of a problem after all PowerDVD and ifoedit handle it very well…
maybe you miss-used the 2 letters for hebrew.
As I remember there was in the past 2 letters that were used and then it was changed?.. maybe you need to look for somthing in this area…
Again anything you need I’ll be happy to help.

Thanks in advance.

any progress in this issue?
any reply will be appreciated…

yes DVD2one uses the proper iso code for adressing the different languages. Unfortunally some authoringsolutions use a different adressing.

If someone can supply us with the wrong country iso code matching the missing part we can add it to the table.

if this is what you’r looking for:
in dvdMaestro hebrew get’s the code iw.

Yes, but is that code also in your original DVD?

Because we have the code for hebrew as it’s supposed to be, but by the looks of it your disc has a different code.

Take for example a dvd I authored myself
using dvdMaestro including my own subs using the code iw for hebrew.
the resault shows hebrew everywhere
including powerDVD and ifoEDIT but when giving it to dvd2one as input it says it’s unknown. the same code for hebrew is used with all the other dvd’s wich contain hebrew.
I am 100% sure about this issue.

Okay, i will ask Erwin to add the code iw for hebrew.

I just checked it, and in my language table the code for Hebrew is HE. I also just checked Das Boot which has Hebrew subtitle, and the code is indeed IW. I have added IW to the language table, so this will be corrected in the next release.


thanks a lot!

looking forward to the next release.