Landscape photo contest!

Well, I’m not sure if it can really be classified as a ‘contest’ seeing as though I have no prize to give away :stuck_out_tongue:
But post your best landscape photos here!
Try to shrink them down to about 400 pixel width or post a link to the full size photo elsewhere.
You must have taken the photo yourself!
Here’s one of mine:

Here is one my mum took from our verandah. :bigsmile:

EDIT: Hopefully this will be valid, since my mum took it. :slight_smile:

Worlds worst photographer right here :slight_smile:

But heres a few :slight_smile:

And this ones worse :slight_smile:

But i have to show Spirit :bigsmile:

Nice one theone1_ :stuck_out_tongue:

And not too bad either Debro! Pretty peaceful photo if you ask me :slight_smile:




Is that the GC? I’ve never been there before. is on my to-visit list


Seems like a nice tranquil place. Where is this, out of curiosity?

Taken last fall at Channel Islands Nat’l Park, California

Looking towards Anacapa Island and the mainland from Santa Cruz Island at sunrise.

Taken last month at Yosemite Nat’l Park, California

Looking into the valley on the trail up to the top of Yosemite Falls

Taken last fall here at my college.

Looking up at the sky on a particularly nice day.

Normally, the air here in California is NOT as good as you see in this picture. :Z And the other two pictures don’t count because they’re National Parks. California may be pretty, but my old home (Kansas) was cleaner and more peaceful. :slight_smile:

@wes and code:
Mum said thanks :slight_smile:

That picture somewhat reminds me of one of the ‘Karate Kid’ movies…Bonzai

@code65536, yes that is the Grand Canyon :bigsmile:
Nice pics! I knew you’d be throwing down after seeing your nice photo in the wallpapers’ thread.
I’ll post a few more of mine as soon as I get a chance.

Hey, some really nice photos and interesting places. Yosemite is really spectacular. :cool:

Here’s some I took last Saturday in the bush about an hour’s drive from home.

Two different angles of a “water point” (a small dam used for fire fighting in the event of a bush fire)

Another creek where we stopped for a picnic lunch.

Taken with Nikon CoolPix 950 (a bit long in the tooth now, but still takes quite good piccies).


Thanks. :slight_smile:

Originally posted by code65536

Seems like a nice tranquil place. Where is this, out of curiosity? [/B]

5 minutes from Toorooka bridge, between Willawarrin (PC: 2440) and Bellbrook, NSW, Australia :slight_smile: