Lands of lore: Guardians of destiny

I have a question : Lands of lore : Guardians of destiny works on Windows 95 because I used to play it on my win.95 but I want to purchase it off Ebay and I want to know if it will work on my Windows Xp? :confused: Please help me! I will be forever grateful :bow:

P.S you can e-mail me at [edited out]

Do you not still have it anymore that would result in you rebuying the software again? Also I would avoid ebay like the plague it’s been known to have scammer who take and run with your money. So if you going to go with ebay you should just purchase it through Newegg or Amazon those are more reputable sites. But if you still choose to go ebay you better check the seller throughly before paying if what your getting is genuine product not something shady.

If you use Dosbox it will work. :slight_smile: